Wednesday, March 9, 2011

January 2011

January was nothing unusual for mid winter. We played in the snow, made cookies and just played around the house. We did find out that Sam is having a little brother!!!! We're all really excited.
Sam loves to draw, or say scribble
Sam saw the dogs eating the snow, so he thought he'd do the
Just too darn cute!
We tried to explain a snow angel, he kind of got it.
sleeping on the floor, looks like he destroyed his room first though
Sam wouldn't move until the cookies were done, he sat there the whole 12 minutes waiting.
You can only imagine whats going on inside his little brain
And then, the work out. Sam tries really hard to do what daddy does :)
Its a Boy!


The month of parties and Christmas!
Where to put it, decorating was a hit!
I love cleaning
Apparently Sam wasn't the only one  who missed a nap
So ready to be done for the day
I don't know if I got enough toys...

which ball...?


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I've decided that kids are pure entertainment. At least my kid; he thrives on reactions and attention. He is one of the most happy, over the top toddlers I have ever met. Here are a few pics of his awesome personality.


My friend Cindy decided to move to Alaska recently; Sold pretty much all of her possesions and took her family away. Sam and I went to visit them about a month after they moved to give her some company and help with whatever. Mostly we just did the kid thing since her husband was gone for work and I had Sam. We did some site seeing in downtown anchorage, took a few hikes and went into Seward (where most of the fishing boats are). Overall it was a nice trip, and I miss my friend more now.

the garbage man, they still dump the cans by hand

just driving on the freeway, next to what looks like a forest

gift shop in Anchorage

on a tour bus

Savannah, Sams new best friend

the end of a dock in Seward

we were going to hang Sam up by his pants, but figured it was pretty unsanitary..this is where they hang the fish (yuck)

on a scenic little hike, this is where you can see Salmon spawning

Cindy's family (Sierra (dog), Cindy, Tanner, Savanna, Nathan)

Eagle River, five min. from where Cindy lives

At the was cold that day.

I thought this was sooo funny
And we didn't see any wild life, but we did get to see some bears at the Zoo