Thursday, April 29, 2010

Springtime is AWESOME!

So I love spring!!! I feel like I can live life again, go outside and do stuff. We've been going to the park a lot, we love the park!

This was the first time on a swing in quite a while
The anticipation on his face is hilarious
everytime you have to get out that silly phone and take my picture!
This is how we got to the park
This is how we got home, Hudson didn't have it in him I
After the park

One year pics

I have extra prints if you want one

Sam's FIRST Birthday

Oh we had fun! Sam got to play with all (most) of his family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, presents, and eat cake and ice cream, which he likes. Here are some fun pics!
 Birthday Boys!

Pocatello handball tournament

In early March we took a trip to Pocatello. Matt had a handball tournament and Sam and I just wanted to get out of the house! It was a quick trip, Friday - Sunday. When we go to these tournaments Matt has most of the fun, but we like hanging around watching handball. We end up in the hotel a lot for naps and early bedtimes, but its something.
 Sam's new friend at the courts
Sam's favorite thing to do at the tournaments, take all the lids off of the ball's great
Father teaching Son
There goes the ball..............

First Steps

The last day of February Sam was coerced into taking his first steps. By coerced I mean, we taunted him with a beer bottle. So funny!

After holiday winter blues....

So not much happened in January, after all of the holiday craze I got bored with nothing going on so I decided to sign up for pottery. It's been a lot of fun to learn something new and have an outing once a week just for me. Here is a picture of some things I've made.

Also, I signed Sam up for "the little gym" which is a cool 45 minute a week class where he can play with other kids and learn some new moves. In this picture we could bring a friend, we brought Hudson and Grandpa.


Christmas is so much fun and sooo busy! We have so many family's to visit that it is always like tetris, just fitting in what we can wherever. With Sam part of this years festivities we really tried to be able to enjoy the time we had with others so we didn't spend much time at home. Christmas eve we opened our presents to each other and then went to the Stalsberg's Christmas Eve party and spent the night there; It was really nice just waking up and hanging out. Then, we went to Grandma Janet's  for lunch and Grandpa Stewart's for dinner. We had a ton of fun watching everyone open presents, especially all the grand kids, all three of them, that I didn't take many pictures. oops! Here is what I have. If you read this and have some pics, I'd love it if you'd email them to me.

Sam got a toy box, and the learning farm from Santa
Sam gave mom a picture engraved and everything, sooo sweet!
Sam also gave Dad a picture
Great Grandpa and Dad playing games xmas eve
Grandma finally able to hang out after a busy Xmas Eve party
Christmas morning, yay!
The morning spent in our new Christmas pj's (Sam's napping)
Grandma Janet's. Kate handing out presents
Grandma and Grandpa and Sam
Ready for nap time anyone?
Grandpa Stewart's was so busy I completely forgot about my camera...but this is when we got home      
(as expected)
What a fun first Christmas!