Friday, November 13, 2009

Sam's first handball tournament

So we decided to take a family trip to watch Matt play handball. Unfortunately he only won one game, but Sam didn't mind, he had plenty of people to play with. Sam was one of five kido's there and two were little girls who just adored him (I had a lot of little babysitters). Sam was a gem while we were there, off schedule, living in a hotel room, he just smiled and put on a great show for everyone (until it was time to go). He hated the car ride, and hasn't wanted to get into his car seat ever since. I think he's starting to get over it now though.

fun in the hotel room

getting ready to play

flirting with the girls, your never too young

Halloween 2009

We always seem to have a lot of fun dressing up and living it up. This year was no different, Sam went to have a sleep over and mom and dad got to party. Great food, friends, costumes and booze!

A lot of pirates this year

ya see the geico money, pretty original

This is his scarrrry face